I received a post today from Lion Brand Yarn touting their newest creation, an organic cotton. I actually like to knit with cotton and I like to eat organic vegetables. I never really got that involved so that my yarn needed to be organic as well.

To me organic means, “not grown with any chemical additions”. Why would my fiber need to be organic? I’ve been thinking about this and the only explanation I can come up with is that it would less chemicals in the atmosphere.

Having lived in the south and having spent late summer one year actually picking the stuff, I’m open to suggestion on the cotton operation. I know that some pesticides are needed in order to prevent little tiny bugs from devouring an entire crop. I’m not a huge advocate for poisons, but sometimes they are needed…as in those little bugs that get into the cotton such as the boll weevil (which where I grew up was pronouned “bo-weevil”. I never knew it actually had the two LL’s in it? Hey, we learn something new everyday!

What I do remember is it’s hot, sticky, gross work. Those cotton plants are really vicious on the skin, as in they are very prickly after they have opened up and exposed the little cotton ball inside.

So, I’m back to pondering how organic cotton would be a superior product to the regular cotton?