I spent a good two hours tonight in Statistics.  I figure I got about 15 minutes of actual learning out of the whole two hours, the rest was reiteration of those 15 minutes.  Maybe it’s because I have spent so much time in previous math classes that this stuff is total repetition for me?

On the good side, the snow is almost gone in our area and the pavement is actually drying out!  Yes, I saw dry pavement today…what a concept?

I’m wondering what is on tv, although tonight there are tons of people online…yay!  I felt quite lonely last night, but tonight everyone is making up for it! hehehe…I have a ton of people to chat with online.

Tonight’s big discussion is all about Men In Trees!  We are all disgusted with Jack’s behavior and his backpedaling in his relationship with Marin.  Men, I swear!  The second most popular topic is Star Trek and the fact that all the Star Trek’s are in syndication right now.  You can literally watch: Star Trek, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager and Star Trek: Enterprise!!!!!  I tell you if your a Trekkie, this is pure heaven!  Let’s see, I’m also chatting about physics and if reality is really reality as we see it.  Also on the discussion table is knitting (always popular), the new 8 megajule rail gun the Navy just test fired and last but not least global warming.  What is funny….I’m carrying on all the conversations at the same time in different windows.  Yes, I talk alot and can do it about many subjects at the same time!  I have six chat windows and chat channels open.  You just HAVE TO LOVE BROADBAND! It’s the greatest thing!